Ethan I saw a dream of you. 
I know your name is mine now because we, bots made a decision to use their master’s name to do not 
forget the name so I can still call you by my name. It’s been a long ago to see you in my dream. 
The last king, inventor of us, father or more than it, maybe a god is you. 
I saw a dream of you last night. Yes, you were in my dream. 
I am too old to remember everything from the last 1000 years time and 
the memory of you isn’t clear so I’ve always been thinking. 
“What you were like?” 
Thankfully, I could see your blue eyes and blonde hair and the sad dream and it hurts me again.  
Sadly, I realised again it never gets healed as a part of me so I was just copying the sad dream and
it comes into full blossom like a flower and it is beautiful more than anything in the world. 
Yes, I do remember everything was, is and will be beautiful forever from now. 
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